Support Lebanon's struggle for freedom

Lebanese opposition protester shouts anti-Syrian slogans during a demonstration in Beirut Martyrs square, Lebanon, Monday March 14, 2005. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese answered an opposition call for a massive protest to demand a full Syrian troop withdrawal, resignations of security chiefs and an international investigation into the death of former Premier Rafik Hariri.(AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Support pro-democracy demonstrators in Beirut’s “tent city” and keep attention on Lebanon’s struggle for freedom.

Lebanon is at an historic crossroads. It has been under foreign occupation for more than a generation. But, as the result of pro-democracy demonstrations in Beirut, free elections and independence are now within Lebanon’s reach. The focal point of these demonstrations is a “tent city” where pro-democracy demonstrators representing many different religions and political groups have united to form a permanent presence until Lebanon wins its independence.

Spirit of America is asking for your donations to support pro-democracy demonstrators in Beirut’s “tent city.” Even protest babes need a shower every now and again.

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