Gannongate – The Affair The Keeps On Giving (Humor) Part II

If you thought the Jeff Gannon story couldn’t get any more ridiculous, you were wrong. This morning the Des Moines Register sets the hearts of the man-whore investigative corps aflutter by doing a feature on the investigation, unfortunately for the conspiracy obsessed Gannon bloggers they come off looking like, well, themselves…

Johnny Gosch, an 12 year-old Iowa paperboy who was kidnapped in 1982, is the latest twist in the Gannon saga. It’s believed by some that Gosch was abducted into a child pedophilia ring. According to the Register no trace of him has ever been found, and no suspects have been arrested.

The Register’s Erin Crawford reports:

Nearly 23 years later, White House correspondent Jeff Gannon, who wrote for a conservative Web site, was exposed in February as James D. Guckert, a man with no journalism experience and links to several gay escort addresses online.

If you have the time to read a few hundred Web postings, you will see how Johnny Gosch and Jeff Gannon, two completely unrelated individuals, became the same person on the Web. The way the theory developed says much about the anything-goes nature of the blogosphere and self-proclaimed reporters on the Internet, who seem to find accuracy and proof a nuisance in uncovering fantastical conspiracies.

It took the random efforts of scores of Web loggers (bloggers), credulous readers and longtime followers of the case to assign the two men a bizarre, shared backstory involving satanic CIA agents, pedophiles and presidents.

The complete concoction goes like this: Gosch was kidnapped into a pedophilia and child pornography ring that serviced the upper echelons of Washington, D.C., society. He was brainwashed by the CIA, trained to be part of a top-secret escort program. Then, he became Jeff Gannon and was given a plum job as a White House correspondent with the online conservative news service to keep him quiet.Brilliant!

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