Canada's Watergate – Adscam

The Canadian government is in the midst of a Watergate-style meltdown, and the internet is hastening it’s collapse. Our friend Ed Morrissey has published accounts of testimony before a court that Canadian publications have been banned from reporting on. Ed’s original account from an anonymous courtroom insider is available here.

The publication and linkage by Canadian bloggers has sent shock waves throughout Canada, as the publication ban (applicable only to Canadians) has been rendered, for all intent and purposes, moot. Ed was interviewed about the story The Globe and Mail. Much like other recent stories that governments or the media have attempted suppress, the internet has just routed around them.

Meanwhile liberal bloggers in the US (in this case an actual member of Congress) are still working the Jeff Gannon story

Coverage Elsewhere:

  • Joe Katzman with all the background in the story you’ll need to get up to date, at Winds of Change.

  • Colby Cosh says, “it would actively help free the hands of Canadian webloggers and reporters if our foreign cousins were to be aggressive about ‘publishing’ the substance of the Brault testimony outside the reach of Canadian law.”

  • Kate McMillian has more reaction tracking at small dead animals

  • Angry in the Great White North tweaks the presiding official of The Gomery Inquiry by mentioning the one phrase in Canada that can get you tossed in jail.

  • The Politicker notes the the blogosphere cannot be contained.

  • Tim Worstall on Adscam, Canada, Censorship and the Gomery Enquiry.

  • bound by gravity – features daily link roundups.

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