Won't Get (April) Fooled Again

On April 1, Defamer ran this item in a tidbit roundup of other equally unlikely stories:

Feeding tubes are red-hot right now. The Pope’s deteriorating health and Terri Schiavo’s death provided a tube-related field day for the news media yesterday. Today, CBS has announced plans to rush a Schiavo biopic to air during May sweeps, with Keri Russell to star as America’s tragic heroine and Dean Cain as the husband who wants to let her die in peace. The net anxiously awaits the Pope’s death to announce the casting of Ben Kingsley as the Holy Father. [Variety]

WorldNetDaily apparently took the bait, running this strikingly similar story on April 2:

CBS is rushing a Terri Schiavo TV movie into production so that it can air the biopic during the May ratings sweeps.

There is no word on whether the network has secured the cooperation of either the Schindler family, Terri’s parents and siblings, or Michael Schiavo, her estranged husband.

There are reports Michael Schiavo is entertaining offers of book, movie and TV deals for Terri’s story. Industry sources say Schiavo is likely to be offered up to $2 million for a book deal and up to $2 million for a movie or TV deal.

CBS’ Terri story reportedly will feature “Felicity” star Keri Russell to star as America’s tragic heroine and Dean Cain of “Lois and Clark” as the husband who relentlessly seeks an end to her life.While I don’t doubt they’re may be some sort of Terri Schiavo TV movie eventually, it looks WND was the April Fool this time. Besides, everyone knows Dean Cain has already fulfilled his biopic quota for the year, playing Scott Peterson in the USA Networks movie The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story before the trial even started.

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