And Now A Word Of Thanks

Checking the Site Meter counter I notice another milestone – our 8 millionth unique visitor. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads Wizbang, and send a special thanks to those who are regular commenters. In a little over one week (April 11) Wizbang will celebrate its second anniversary, and there will be many people to thank on that day. In advance of that day this seemed like an excellent occasion to give thanks and praise to those who make up the Wizbang comment community. It’s because of you that Wizbang has continued to thrive.

Checking the Technorati Top 100 (where as of today Wizbang occupies the #73 spot) it’s striking how few of those sites offer comment sections, and of the few that do, how many of those do not require registration. There are those who argue that a blog isn’t a blog without comments. I don’t know about that, but it wouldn’t be doing this without comments.

I’ve resisted the various registration systems (like TypeKey) because most of them are either hard to setup or hard to use. Thanks to all of you that comment and your willingness to be civil, I haven’t thought about the registration systems in a long time.

Note: Several folks were a little bummed that the “open auditions” I mentioned on April Fools day weren’t happening. That’s not technically true, since as I write this Paul is still supposed to be on hiatus [addressing personal issues]. Since before Paul’s hiatus announcement I’ve been working on a plan to bring more contributors on board at Wizbang while maintaining the chemistry between the existing editors. Wizbang will have the “help wanted” sign up later this week, not to replace Paul or Jay Tea or myself, but to augment the three of us. I’ll be looking for a weekends only editor, and a couple students for traditional college credit internships. More details to follow.

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