Quantifying Science

A funny thing happened last week. 1,360 of the world’s top environmental scientists said that if mankind did not make radical changes in the way we do things, that the planet will cease to support life as we know it. Stop and really ponder that. The best scientific minds we have, got together and made a report that said unless we did something drastic, our fate was sealed– that we and thousands of other species would die.

Facing our upcoming demise, what did the citizens of planet earth do? We yawned.

Nobody read the report and suddenly decided that it was do or die time. Nobody read the report and parked their evil SUV and started walking to work… In fact nobody read the report! (euphemistically) Faced with this set of facts, and assuming mankind does desire self-preservation, we can draw only two conclusions.

The first is that the message somehow did not get out. Newspapers from all corners of the globe reported on it and the Sec. Gen. of the United Nations played it up but the message just was not heard. Thus mankind is on a run-away train headed to oblivion and the 1,360 scientists just didn’t get the warning out in time.

The second possible conclusion is that we don’t believe them. The marketplace of ideas listened politely and then went on to other things. This is obviously the correct answer. Environmental scientists have been predicting gloom and doom for decades. — During the first Gulf War, Carl Sagan got on ‘Nightline’ and predicted the smoke from the Kuwaiti oil fires would go into the upper atmosphere and disrupt the monsoons, causing a global catastrophe. His opponent in the Nightline debate said the smoke would get rained out in a few weeks. CNN and others ignored his critics and put Sagan all over the TV. Until 3 days later when black rain started falling in Iran putting an end to the nonsense.

The public knows better. Every week or so, some new group of scientists tells us that some new food is either good or bad for us. Butter has gone back and forth between being a heath-food and the devil incarnate so many times in my lifetime that I just lost track. Every week we get a new bit of science that contradicts the ones that went before it. So we in the public listen attentively, get out our box of salt and go on with our lives.

No branch of science is immune to this dynamic EXCEPT for the evolutionary biologist. Somehow evolutionary biologists (and their cult like followers) refuse to accept that some people don’t believe them. Just look what has happened here at Wizbang for the last few days. I dared to say the words “I don’t believe ya” and they attacked with both feet. The ironic thing is that I predicted it would happen before it did and I said they would be more zealous than the true religious people but they did it anyway…. All the while professing their intelligence.

New medical information is often viewed with a jaundice eye but whatever the current ideas are in the evolutionary biology world are to be taken as scripture. If those people want to be zealots, I can’t stop them… But I’ll continue to mock them.

[Important Note: This post was part of the Wizbang April Fools]

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