Not April Fools, Just Fools

On this April Fools day, perhaps truth really is stranger than fiction:

  • The official website for WordPress, a popular open-source blogging software package, was also hosting over a hundred thousand “junk” articles on their website. These articles are designed specifically to game the Google Adwords program, and bring money in for the developers.
    WordPress Website’s Search Engine Spam []

  • Why shouldn’t you be soliciting strangers on the internet to write your college papers? Aside from the fact that they might slip the words, “I made a doody,” into the paper, you could getting real (in)famous. [A Week of Kindness]

  • Probably the first and last time you’ll see an AP story with the line, “The hunt is on for a turd burglar.
    Thief Steals Poop From Woman Walking Dog [AP]To be continued…

    Pope John Paul II's Condition Worsens
    Quantifying Science

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