Another Change In Direction

Upon further reflection about my previous announcement, and the reaction to it, I’ve changed my mind. After a lengthy e-mail exchange with Paul (and a shorter one with Jay Tea), I’ve decided to rescind my decision to make Paul’s hiatus permanent. The reasons are a private matter between the two of us. As for Jay Tea, I’ve assured him that the conflict he feels will be dealt with when he returns from vacation.

There’s one other reason I’ve changed my mind…

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April Fools!!!

We’ve been planning this for a while, so whatever you thought you knew about the relationship between the three of us is probably wrong.

Paul Adds: OK- so it ended with a whimper and not a bang…. But it was fun watching a few of you jump on command. For the record Kev, my wife has been telling me for days this was lame… She’s right as usual. (sorry honey)

Update: Some people REALLY don’t like being shown to be an (April) fool.

Kevin Adds: Other than the April 1st post by Paul, his previous posts that generated so much controversy were not done to further this plot. It’s actually the opposite – the only reason we thought of this and were able pull this off is because those previous posts had been so contentious and so many other bloggers had called for his head.

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