The Secret To Stress Free Blogging

Never utter the word “delink.”

Until this post, in nearly two years and over 5,000 stories, the word delink has been used 3 times at Wizbang. Once in reference to the Kerry campaign delinking Daily Kos, once wondering if we should have delinked the Nick Berg video, and once in reference to a contest.

Longtime readers might wonder about that number in light of a couple cases (here and here) where I took a very public (and at the time lonely) stand stand against another blogger. Nowhere in those posts is the word “delink” mentioned. Unless your name is Glenn Reynolds the world is not preoccupied with the content of your blogroll. Some bloggers announce sites they add to their blogrolls, but very few discuss when (or why) sites are removed. Typically a public announcement of delinking generates boomerang publicity of the negative sort to the delinker, so it’s best to consider that bad publicity you’ll likely get is worth announcing your blogroll deletions vs. just deleting them without comment.

Lesson: Delink quietly


Michele, who I once had an allnighter with, and who will surely delink me for mentioning that fact.
Lair, who was also involved said allnighter, and will surely delink/relink/delink/relink/etc. me for mentioning that fact.
Jeff, whose life I saved when I rescued him from an angry group of mushroom-laced revelers dressed as a box of tampons at Halloween on the Boulder mall, and who will now remove me from consideration for the coveted asterisk slot at PW for mentioning that fact.

Yes, yes, yes, I know how to spell Michele’s name, but there was an extra “L” in her name when this was first published. Spell check is not always your friend…

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