This is what I'm up against III

I’ve taken a ton of grief over my evolution posts. With the bulk of it coming from “The Commissar.”

Today while reading one of my posts, he ran across the word “Abiogenesis.” This is what he said about it to his readers:

“Abby … what?” It got me, too. “Abiogenesis” mean “life from no life,” or “there was no life, and then there was.” (I suspect that those definitions are almost as bad as Paul’s. Corrections welcomed.)

He had never even heard the term! This moron wants to tell the whole world how much more than me he knows about this stuff and he does not even know the meaning of abiogenesis. They he proceeds to tell me what it means. Next he will we lecture me on Nuclear Physics and then ask his readers what an electron is.

This pretty much wraps up my whole “zealot” point for me. He admits he is totally clueless but anyone who disagrees with him gets attacked for days. Brilliant, just brilliant.

(Also, if you follow his link, he Dowdified me. Now only did he take me out of context, he chopped my sentence in half but ended it with a period on his blog… Not the way an honest blogger does things. — But he needed to… If you quote the full sentence, it makes his whole point moot. Nice work Commissar.)

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And my apologies Andy I thought you were the dumbest one of the lot. I think there is a new low man on the totem pole.

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