UN Scandal Report Censures, Then Clears Annan

The Independent Inquiry Committee into the United Nations Oil-For-Food Programme, chaired by Paul Volcker released it’s second interim report today blasting Kofi Annan for failing to notice massive fraud in the Oil-For-Food Programme and for his sons financial ties to a firm that won U.N. contracts from the program. They did not find evidence that Annan was directly tied to any corruption, hence they cleared him of wrongdoing, but censured him for mismanaging the investigation into the awarding of a contract to the firm that employed his son Kojo. From Page 81 of the document:

The Committee finds: In light of the Sunday Telegraph article and the complaint of a conflict of interest because of Kojo Annan’s employment, as well as the published information concerning the alleged illicit payments to the Bhutto family, the inquiry initiated by the Secretary-General was inadequate, and the Secretary-General should have referred the matter to an appropriate United Nations department (Office of Internal Oversight Services and/or Office of Legal Affairs) for a thorough and independent investigation. Had there been such an investigation of these allegations, it is unlikely that Cotecna would have been awarded renewals of its contract with the United Nations.

Other coverage: Roger L. Simon has read the report and comments on the contents.
Annan Refuses to Quit U.N. Over Report [ABC]

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Report Issues

Since Volcker’s committee released a locked PDF, ill-suited for use in the blogosphere I’ve continued the Wizbang tradition of providing a web readable and linkable version. The report is available here. You can select text and copy it into your own documents from the web version. An unlocked PDF version is available as well (3.3MB).

To link to a page of the report (for example page 100) use the following syntax – http://wizbangblog.com/docs/interimreport_march2005/index.php?page=100 (I’m having some issues with the direct link function I won’t be able to fix until tonight)

[Note: The first few pages of the report are very light on text, which may make it seem like the report is taking a long time to load. The ToC is on page 2 and the Introduction is on page 4]

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