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Rather than create several posts on news in the Terri Schiavo case, I’m going to try to hit the highlights of coverage around the blogosphere and in the news in one spot. A couple points I haven’t seen widely covered to consider…

  • Did you know that Terri Schiavo has been declared indigent, and her care is being paid for by Florida taxpayers? Where did all the money that was earmarked for her care go? Much of it went to Michael Schiavo’s lawyers, in payments approved as “for her benefit” by the court. Attorneys: Schiavo settlement money spent [St. Petersburg Times]

  • Michael Schiavo has a new family with kids via his common law wife, Jodi Centonze, who he has referred to as his “fiancee” for over 5 years. She’s profiled here.

  • Terri’s family appears to have thrown in the towel on the legal challenges to her court ordered euthanizing. The new battle, which is as unseemly as any of the previous battles, is for Terri’s body…

  • Just who was it that walked away from a deal in 2003 between the Schindler family, Michael Schiavo, and Florida Governor Jeb Bush? It was Michael’s attorney George Felos. Some truths in the Schiavo case [Keith Olbermann]

  • It turns out that both sides are getting financial help. Schiavo case has myriad fund sources [St. Petersburg Times]

  • The Terri Schiavo case has attracted its share of whack jobs (example), but inviting Randall Terry to the party in hindsight probably seems like a pretty bad idea. Anger at Bushes as time grows short for Schiavo [USAToday]

  • Kevin McCullough (WMCA New York) and is staff have produced “Terri’s Day in Paradise,” which intersperses sound bites from various players in the Terri Schiavo case with Phil Collins’s “Another Day in Paradise.” You can download it or hear it live at Kevin’s weblog.

  • More proof Michael Schiavo had the better lawyer.

  • Michael Schiavo’s lawyer George Felos announced that an autopsy will be performed on Terri after her death, to silence allegations his plan to cremate her body is aimed at hiding something. Schiavo to Undergo Autopsy to End Debate — Lawyer [Reuters]Oh yeah, Terri’s still slowly being starved to death, a fate her husband claims she would have wanted…

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