Blair Hires Kerry's Spammer

Tony Blair’s Labor Party recently hired John Kerry’s spammer-in-chief, Zach Exley, to help shore up their online communications effort.

London ( – With a general election expected in less than two months, Britain’s Labor Party confirmed it has hired Internet consultant and Kerry campaigner Zack Exley to help muster support from its base.

Once referred to by then-Texas Governor George W. Bush as “a garbage man,” Exley is a former director with the left-leaning, which spent millions of dollars on ads attacking Bush during last year’s election campaign.

Early on, Exley helped former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean create his web-based organization; and last April he became head of Internet communications for Senator John Kerry’s campaign.

Labor Party spokeswoman Claire McCarthy said Exley has been a full-time consultant with the party since January, helping target and organize activists via the Internet.Exley is the poster child for the “hate America” crowd, and Kerry wisely kept him out of sight. Even die hard netroot progressives haven’t been too impressed with the man behind the contest that generated the Bush=Hitler videos. Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos a few months ago addressed Exley’s shortcomings:

People like Zach, who was unfortunately the “directory of online communications” for the Kerry campaign (snagging the gig after a stint at MoveOn), never truly understood the power of many. Zach was responsible for those obnoxious emails that asked for money, more money, and yet more money. He was behind the god-awful Kerry blog. He was behind the campaign’s obvious decision to abandon MeetUp as an organizing tool.

The opposition Conservative Party used the occasion of the news of Exley’s hiring to get in the following barb, “We’re looking forward to Mr. Exley leading Tony Blair to the same electoral outcome as he did John Kerry.”

New Scam, Same Scum
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