Pablo Paredes Charged By Navy

Pablo Paredes, who rose to blogosphere infamy when he got — well shall we say — Smashed, was brought up on charges by the Navy.

Navy’s action could bring prison term

Petty Officer 3rd Class Pablo E. Paredes decided to protest the Iraq war by not sailing with his ship when it left San Diego Harbor on Dec. 6.

Yesterday, the Navy decided to charge Paredes, 23, with being absent without leave and missing movement, charges that could send him to military prison for as long as a year and limit his employment options.

The action by the Navy surprised Paredes, who made headlines and drew supporters and critics with his stance.

“I showed up at the base expecting to hear whether the local Navy command had approved my conscientious objector status. Instead I was read the charges against,” said Paredes, who is on temporary duty at Naval Base San Diego.

Pablo must not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Smash warned him:

…OK then, let’s talk – man to man.

In the big scheme of things, your action will have no impact on the war. The Bonhomme Richard sailed out of San Diego on Monday, along with her entire battle group. Your attempted desertion may have caused a media stir, but you did not delay the battle group’s departure by so much as a minute. The embarked Marines are on their way to the Sandbox, to perform the mission that they were trained to do.

You did, however, manage to fuck up your own future.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Navy isn’t just going to let you go easily. They’re going to put you on trial for desertion. You will probably end up spending a year or longer in military prison, doing hard labor. And how do you think your fellow prisoners will respond to you? Do you think they’ll respect your decision to shirk your duty? Of course, you will also be reduced in rank to E-1, forfeit all of your pay, be dishonorably discharged, and lose eligibility for the GI bill and any veteran’s benefits you might have otherwise claimed.

To your credit, you’ve stood up before the cameras and said that you are prepared to accept the consequences for your actions. We’ll see about that.

I guess we will. So far, he’s just whining.

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