Why Is Terri Shiavo Going To Die?

Terri Schiavo is going to die because Michael Schiavo has better lawyers.

Exhibit #1) This article in the St. Petersburg Times (Memories diverge on what Terri wanted), explains it all.

On the Monday in January 2000 when the Schiavo case went to trial, the Schindlers’ lawyer remembers being surprised to see a St. Petersburg Times reporter in court.

What are you doing here, Patricia Campbell asked. She had no anticipation that the case would make the front page.

Back then, Campbell was working alone, without an assistant to help. On the other side was Michael Schiavo’s lawyer, George Felos, who had handled the seminal right-to-die case of Estelle Browning, which went to the Florida Supreme Court in 1990.

Campbell said in an interview Wednesday that she took the case out of sympathy for the Schindlers. She said about 20 attorneys had turned down the couple, who had little money.

Campbell, who now has a prestigious AV rating from the Martindale-Hubbell lawyer peer review system, had never handled a right-to-die case. She did not have money to find witnesses, she said. Indeed, Campbell did not take depositions from Joan and Scott Schiavo before the trial. Normally, that would be a basic step for a lawyer preparing for trial.

Campbell presented just two witnesses to address the claim that Terri would not want her feeding tube removed.

[More]Exhibit #2) This morning Florida’s Department of Children and Families missed an opportunity to legally take custody of Terri Schiavo. WFTS reports:

Wednesday afternoon, Pinellas Circuit Judge George Greer issued a temporary restraining order, preventing DCF from removing Terri from the Pinellas Park hospice where her life-sustaining feeding tube has been disconnected.

This morning at 8, DCF filed an appeal to Greer’s order. When they did so, an automatic stay of the order went into effect, meaning that they could intervene.

The attorney for Terri’s husband Michael (George Felos), who opposes any attempts to prolong Terri’s life, said he suspected DCF wasn’t aware of that stay until he had filed a motion for a new restraining order.Legally Terri’s family was never able to recover from that one day in court 5 years ago. Felos was just rubbing salt in the wound this morning as he continued his legal dominance…

"Catch and release," high-school style
Schiavo Case Ends Today


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