Talking Points Memogate

The Raw Story reports that Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) is calling for investigation into who distributed Schiavo talking points memo that ABC published. Good idea Senator!

As the The American Spectator reports today:

…Republican leadership staffers now believe the document was generated out of the Democratic opposition research office set up recently by Sen. Harry Reid, and distributed to some Democratic Senate staffers claiming it was a GOP document, in the hope — or more likely expectation — that it would then be leaked by those Democrats to reporters. In fact, the New York Times stated that it was Democratic staffers who were distributing the “talking points” document.

We join Sen. Lautenberg in calling for an investigation.

Coverage Elsewhere:

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Update: I’m told The American Spectator retracted it’s story (no link yet). It’s still worthwhile to know (if at all possible) where the memo originated, so we’ll continue to support Lautenberg’s call for investigation.

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