Kofi Annan's Problem Child

The new report on the UN oil-for-food program is expected to focus on Kofi Annan and his son Kojo. The hint of impropriety, having long been established, now awaits only some shred of damning evidence. Financial Times in on the case:

Kojo Annan, son of Kofi Annan, United Nations secretary-general, received at least $300,000 from Cotecna, a Swiss inspection company awarded a contract ultimately worth about $60m under the Iraqi oil-for-food contract.

The discovery, in a joint investigation by Il Sole 24 Ore, the Italian business daily, and the Financial Times, comes as the independent UN inquiry led by Paul Volcker into possible abuses within the oil-for-food programme prepares to publish a new report on this matter.

Its findings, expected next Tuesday, will address allegations that Kojo’s family connections may have helped Cotecna obtain the UN contract.

But the FT/Il Sole investigation reveals that senior executives from Cotecna met Kofi Annan on various occasions once at his UN office.Perhaps the Volcker report will clear Kofi Annan, perhaps it will highlight a money for influence operation, it’s hard to predict. From all the details swirling around the pre-release of the report it sure looks like Kojo and Cotecna are setup to take a serious fall. Whether Kofi Annan survives the resulting scandal is up for debate – he’s displayed Clintonian-skill at deploying his Teflon scandal shields to date…

Annan son received $300,000 payments [Financial Times]
U.N. to pay fees for oil-for-food ex-boss [CNN]

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