A Conversation with an Evolutionary Zealot

An amusing tidbit for the people who are smart enough to know how little we know.

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EZ I know where every life form on the planet came from.

ME WOW! You do? You mean science finally figured it out?

EZ Well it is still a theory.

ME OH… So you don’t know.

EZ No- Weren’t you listening? I know where every life form on the planet came from.

ME But you said it was still a theory.

EZ It is.

ME So you don’t KNOW where every life form on the planet came from.

EZ What kind of idiot are you?


EZ I just told you. I know where every life form on the planet came from.

ME And you can prove it?

EZ Well no… It’s just a theory. But it is a good one.

ME But… It’s still a theory?

EZ Not really… We really have proof.

ME What proof?

EZ You really are just too stupid to understand science huh?

ME Yikes! Relax, I just asked for proof.

EZ You never ask the bible thumpers for proof.

ME Look- You told me you had….

EZ You are just an idiot.

ME What?

EZ You believe fairy tales like Adam and Eve.

ME I never said that.

EZ Yes you did.

ME Look, you said you knew where all the life on earth came from.. I simply asked if you had proof.

EZ Oh I have proof all right. Proof you are too stupid to understand. You never took a science class in your life or you wouldn’t be asking all these questions.

ME Actually I took a large amount of science and mostly I learned how little we know about anything.

EZ Well if you took any science you know that I am right.

ME [scratching head] Right about what? I lost track of what you were saying.

EZ I know where every life form on the planet came from.

ME OK yeah, OK where did it come from?

EZ Well I don’t know that.

ME But you just said you did.

EZ And I do.

ME Sigh– OK Never-mind.

Both sides of the debate are obnoxious but the evolution zealots win by a mile.

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