The Me Generation

Anyone notice anything odd about this snipet of news coverage on the anti-war protests last weekend in London?

People poured into the capital from across the country, including 29-year-old human rights author Susanna Akono who traveled in a coach from Kent.

“The war on terror is wrong because it is not going to end terrorism when you have people such as Iyad Allawi (Iraq’s outgoing prime minister) being put in power,” she said, an anti-war poster in her hand.

Akono from Cambodia, who is married to a British man and is pregnant, said that she planned to go on a hunger strike from April 14 in protest against the continuing war on terror.

“I want to do everything I can to make sure my child has a secure future,” she said.Er?

She wants to make sure her child has a secure future, yet she’s willing to put the child’s health in jeopardy by depriving it of the one thing it really needs – food?


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