The Armed (Iraqi) Citizen

The AP brings up a cool story today… Iraqi citizens are killing insurgents when there are no Iraqi police or U.S. soldiers around.

Baghdad Residents Kill Three Militants

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – Shopkeepers and residents on one of Baghdad’s main streets pulled out their own guns Tuesday and killed three insurgents when hooded men began shooting at passers-by, giving a rare victory to civilians increasingly frustrated by the violence bleeding Iraq.

The clash in the capital’s southern Doura neighborhood erupted when militants in three cars sprayed bullets at shoppers. Three people – a man, a woman and a child – were wounded.

The motive was unclear, but there have been previous attacks in the ethnically mixed neighborhood. Earlier in the day, gunmen in the same quarter killed a policeman as he drove to work, police Lt. Col. Hafidh Al-Ghrayri said.

A forceful citizen response is rare, but not unheard of in a country where conflict has become commonplace and the law allows each home to have a weapon. Early this month, police said townsmen in Wihda, 25 miles south of Baghdad, attacked a group of militants believed planning to raid the town and killed seven.

Sounds like they’re figuring it out over there. Armed citizens can do more to stop the terrorists over there than another 50,000 U.S. troops. This is the way it should be. When it becomes obvious the violence will no longer be tolerated it will end and Iraq will be the better for it. Terrorists should live in fear of the average citizen.

What makes it more humorous is that Senator Barbara Boxer, who is best known for her zealotry on gun control, was in Baghdad at the time. I wonder if she thinks these citizens should be carrying guns?

In Barbara Boxer’s world, the citizens would have no guns and the terrorists would. Think she saw the error of her ways this week? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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