Red Lake Killer's Ominous Early Signs

This seems like a pretty strong signal that Jeff Weise, the 17 year old killer of nine people (and himself) yesterday in Minnesota.

Title: Native American Nationalists?
Post by Todesengel on Mar 19th, 2004, 12:09am
Hello all.
My name is Jeff Weise, a Native American from the Red Lake “Indian” reservation in Minnesota. I’m interested in joining the group, as I support your ideals and even though I am young, I still want to join. What is the age requirement (if any)? [more]

A ‘Weird’ And ‘Anti-Social’ Loner [CBS News/AP]

Update: The FBI details teen gunman’s rampage, from

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Michael Pabman told a press conference that Weise killed his grandfather, a local police sergeant, with a .22-calibre gun. He also killed his grandfather’s female companion.

“Then, we believe, he took the police bulletproof vest and gun belt of his grandfather, donned those, got into the police vehicle his grandfather had, and drove to the school, driving up right to the door.”

Mr Pabman said that Weise was “confronted by an unarmed security guard” who he then shot dead before walking down the hall of Red Lake High School, where he opened fire on a teacher and some students.

Weise chased the group into a classroom, Mr Pabman said. “He opened fire, killing a number of students and the teacher.”Jeff Goldstein, who lives near Columbine High School outside of Denver, advises, “[I]f a kid claiming to love Nazis threatens violence, take him seriously.

The Armed (Iraqi) Citizen
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