Brookings Bloggers Bore Blogging Bloggers

The Brookings Institution Impact of the New Media discussion panel is notable for the topic and the fact that they were smart enough to get a good cross section of bloggers to “live blog” the panel discussion. In fact the whole event would have been notably more interesting if the panel of live bloggers were the speaking panel, since of the two “bloggers” on the panel both are on hiatus working on other projects, and one (Andrew Sullivan) was 1/2 hour late. Here’s a smattering of reaction to the webcast

Captain Ed, who live blogged the panel discussion, makes the following point:

EJ [Dione] refers to there being no true liberal bloggers on the panel. I’d also add that there are no true conservative bloggers on the panel, either. What we have are the “establishment” bloggers, the ones who usually get featured on programs like this. The difference is the live-bloggers invited, which does have a good representative spectrum.

When Ana Marie Cox and Andrew Sullivan are your representatives of blogs you’ve get a credibility problem right away, since neither blog much anymore.

Juan Cole, in his limitted blogging of the event, manages to say this about Iranian bloggers “they aren’t important politically,” in a blog response to an Andrew Sullivan point. That’s not surprising from a liberal professor who called Iranian elections the “freest” in the world, and the Iraqi elections a failure.

Daniel Drezner and Laura Rozen have much more live blogging. Rudy Teixeira at DonkeyRising sums up the event:

Looking over the various points I posted about above, I guess I’d have to say that nothing particularly earth-shaking was said today. The discussion was generally interesting and certainly blogs were treated very respectfully as a new member of the media universe.

Perhaps that’s the real news here: blogging has now developed a high enough profile and plays a big enough role in society that it can be the subject of a very pleasant and characteristically earnest Brookings event.Fair enough…

As noted in the comment section, the Queen of Ass-Fucking jokes has been hiding some considerable, er.. “talents.” The Terri Hatcher line from Seinfeld seem most appropriate, “They’re real, and they’re spectacular

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