2 Answers and 2 questions

Steve says he wants to ask me 2 questions:

One, is it safe to assume that you favor of judge/forum shopping, and that you promise to never criticize the liberals and plaintiff’s attorneys when they engage in the same behavior?

Two, in light of your past criticisms of Terry’s[sic] fate having rested with a ‘single judge’, how can you support this law which gives a single judge the authority to review the case?

OK, I’ll answer… but then I have 2 for you….

#1) I think you have it backwards… You guys have been doing this for years to save murderers and now when people who want to save a sick woman from being killed do it, you whine. But to answer your question, people have been forum shopping since the dawn of a legal system. It is part of life. You’ve never heard me complain about it.

#2) I never made that argument so it is non applicable.

Now I have 2 questions for you and I know you’ll answer them right?

#1) She will live to be a ripe old age if we simply feed her. But you want her to starve to death. Since it is patently obvious that lethal injection is more humane than starvation, don’t you agree we should just kill her by lethal injection? And are you willing to be the one to inject her? (OK It is a compound question)

#2) Since you agree with starvation in the case of a woman whose only crime is being worth a million dollars to her ex-husband, do you agree that we should let murderers on death row starve to death too? And if starvation is ok for Terri, what would you say about the Administration starving prisoners at Guantanamo or Abu Grab to get information of out of them that might save American lives?… Certainly that would be ok right?

And lastly Steve… If you are going to advocate that we kill this woman, could you at least take a few moments to learn how to spell her name? Is it too much to ask that you take that much of an interest in her?

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