Why is Terri Schiavo a Partisan Issue? II

I warned you the rant mode was only suspended.

As I type this, the Democratic party of the United States of America is holding a floor debate in the House Of Representatives over whether they can kill a woman. And make no mistake… No matter which side of the debate you are on, she will live for years if they only feed her. This is not about “letting her die” this is about actively withholding food from a human being.

The Democrats want her to starve to death.

You can go thru the Wizbang archive for a long time and never see a word I wrote on Terri Schiavo. It was a sad case that frankly I wished would somehow magically and mercifully go away. So I did not “go looking for this fight.”

I broke my silence when the Democrats started playing politics with this because it might be related in some tangental way with abortion. Just look at the lengths they will go to kill this woman:

Senate Passes Bill to Help Schiavo

WASHINGTON — With the sparsest of attendance, the Senate unanimously passed on Sunday a bill to try to help brain-damaged patient Terri Schiavo (search) by pushing her case into a federal court for consideration. …

Earlier in the day, the House of Representatives met to vote on Schiavo’s fate but quickly recessed after it became clear that the bill would face congressional debate by opposing Democrats. The House was meeting at 9 p.m. EST to start debate, and House leaders said they hoped to get a vote on the matter as early as possible after midnight.

After three hours of House debate, leaders will call for a vote, but Democrats are expected to demand a recorded vote. The House will need at least 218 members present to take a roll call vote. Lawmakers have been trickling in from their districts to be there for the midnight hour. The House has 232 Republicans, 202 Democrats and one independent, but no one is certain how many members from each side are expected to return.

So the Democrats are hoping that there are not enough Republicans to stop them from using procedural trickery to kill this woman. Why don’t the Democrats sponsor an alternative bill… Why not sponsor a bill where the highest ranking Dem official in the State of Florida will go give Schiavo a lethal injection? If you want to kill the woman then by all means let’s kill her… Don’t pussyfoot around wanting for her to starve to death!

I’m going to repeat myself… The Dems now will kill unborn children, the sick and the old… The only people they don’t want to die are murderers.

And make no mistake… This is all about abortion. They are afraid that if Terri lives people might think life is important or something.

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BTW Peggy Noonan was wrong. If the Dems do manage to kill this woman the right will be on fire.

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