Live Blogging the Killing of Terry Schiavo 

If the Dems want to kill her then by golly, I’ll make sure everyone that reads Wizbang knows. I’m now going to live-blogging the Democratic party of the United States trying to kill a sick woman.


This goofball woman said (paraphrased): “Where will it end.. Next week people will want their brother or their sister to be kept alive.” -The nerve


Barney Franks and taken to the floor multiple times to make sure Terri Schiavo was killed. He really is passionate about it…


David Wu (D) Oregon somehow made it a gay rights issue???? [Maybe that explains Franks’ passion -ed]


Jim Davis (D) Florida Says it is a civil rights issue… hmmmm Who exactly is about to have their civil rights violated? Her husband? It is scary how clueless this guy is. — Now is is outright lying. He says (strongly implies) Terri said in her living will that she wanted to die. Shameless.


Rush Holt (D) New Jersey: “By the way… Why are debating this case, i don;t want to be too cynical but could it be because the TV cameras are rolling?” — No you moronic twit, we are arguing the case because you idiots want to kill this woman. I WANT the cameras rolling… That’s why I’m live blogging. I want the WHOLE WORLD to know what you did tonight you shameless idiot. Do you have something to hide?

Barney Franks REALLY wants to kill this woman… He keeps yielding himself more time. Do you think he would give her the lethal injection?

Jim Mooran (D) Virginia is talking about people on life support… This is not a life support issue… They want to stop feeding her and starve her to death. Now he is rambling about tax cuts for the rich… What an idiot.

Bitch Slap of the night— No pun intended– Barney Franks gets up and whines that one of the Republicans was playing doctor on TV. Said Republican, Phil Gingrey of Georgia, got back up to say that he didn’t know if he was on TV or not… But that he was not “playing doctor” because he indeed was one. Franks was a tad deflated.

Eleanor Holmes Norton (d) DC Wants Terri dead… I wonder if Terri was a convicted drug dealer who killed 3 people which side of the argument she would be on.

Oh GAWD Here is Barney Franks again… Just his whining is enough to make me take the other side.

I’ve got to give it to the Dems… they are making the case that the entire republic will crumble if this woman is not killed. When they go all out, they go all out.

(blogosphere diversion) Bill at the Rooftop report (see trackback) says that killing a sick woman is OK if you “nuance” the debate… Now there’s a position I’m sure more people will get behind.

Rep. John Lewis Democrat from Georgia said he wants Terri dead… or I think that is what he said, I couldn’t understand a word the man said. Either he wants Terri dead or he wants us all to be saved and him him an AMEN….

OK I don’t have time to do all the pictures… I’m going to try to spend more time on the goofy things they say.

Brian Baird (D) Washington — Interesting argument… Since she will never be 100% we should just kill her… He claims he wants to take the partisanship out of it… Somehow he’s not convincing. OH! I get it… He is apologizing for the Dems “We are all Pro-life” He must not read the papers.

No Dems embarrassment would be complete without Jerrold Nadler waddling up to the camera. All we are missing now is Wexler… I tuned in late, I probably missed him.

How come the Dems don’t want to give this woman a day in Federal court? goodness knows they are always whining that criminals should get every appeal but Terri should not? hmmmm

Best argument of the night Rep Joe Schwarz (R-MI) made a stunningly powerful argument. He reminded the House that this woman was not on life support. That she could breath et al on her own. That the only thing that they were doing was feeding her… Then he asked the 64 million dollar question… What is to become of all the thousands of people on feeding tubes in the nursing homes and hospitals in this county?… Are we going to kill them all?

grrr I might have missed something, both tuners on the Tivo went to record things and I missed some.

John Conyers (D) Mars, is doing his usual job of reciting Dem talking points… no matter now bogus they are… Again and again the Dems hint that she is is on life support.

Rep Capuano from Mass. is making a stunningly passionate speech about the how the government should “LEAFVE THESE PEOPLE” alone. “STAY OUT OF THIER LIVES.” hmm so I guess he is for private social security accounts huh?

Rep- Mel Watt (D) Scumbagonia- “This vote is costing us money”…. “How many children could we feed with that money?” Then why did the Dems call it then dipshit? OOOOOH Now get this… This is a racial issue. Black people don’t get the same healthcare that white people get so Terri Schiavo does not deserve compassion. What a pig! What a FREAKing (insert harsher word here) pig. I guess Oliver Willis will sent the guy 20 bucks but he is a pig. Where can I get a transcript of this pig?

Quote of the night Sensenbrener “In Florida they have a statute #828.12 that says that if you don’t feed an animal, you can go to jail for a year and be fined 5000 dollars. So in Florida, an animal has a higher right than this woman. And that is a wrong priority.” — I just made that point 2 minutes ago to Allah in the comments

How did Julia Carson of Indiana run a campaign??? The woman is about 100 years old, she can hardly walk, and she can hardly talk… But she did manage to whine about Medicaid… For some reason in her mind since she is unhappy about the state of Medicaid, Terry Schiavo should die. OOOOOK.

For about the 100th time, a Dem has said we are a land of laws and not men…. Yeah, tell that to Clinton when he committed perjury.

Getting ready for the vote. Dems demand a roll call… Dumbasses, then their fingerprints will be on this… They are so politically tone-deaf it is amazing.

Republicans have a quorum and (surprise) it is passing.

It passed by a mile!

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