If you can't screw over your buddies, who can you screw over?

Frequent Wizbang commenter and general wise-ass McGehee runs his own blog, and it’s not too shabby. He also expects to break the 250,000 hit mark sometime Monday.

Right now, he’s at 249,856. Go over there, check out his postings, and ruin his projections by rolling him over 250K mark a day early.

Consider it payback for all the times you beat me in the caption contests, McGehee.


(Update: he made it. Now go and mock him for fixating on those big, happy zeroes and making a big deal out of some arbitrary numbers.)

Clear and Convincing Evidence
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  1. McGehee March 20, 2005
  2. John Robinson March 20, 2005
  3. Henry March 20, 2005