Over the past year I’ve heard more complaints about viewing web sites than I care to remember. In nearly every instance common denominator is that the user trying to view the page is using Norton Firewall. I’ve viewed Wizbang behind corporate firewalls, the firewall built into Windows Service Pack 2, in IE and Firefox, on Linux, on Mac’s, etc… and never had a problem with the Javascript code that allows the comments and extended entries to pop back and forth. Only Norton seems to have an issue with the ScriptyGoddess originated code.

I’m off to see if there’s any fix short of creating a Norton version of the main page.

Anyone have a shortcut answer to this problem?

Update: I’ve update to the latest version of the ScriptyGoddess script. If anyone wants to know or troubleshoot the problem Norton has with this all the code is available in the page source. There is one Javascript function for the show/hide process and two for popups. Since I don’t have Norton I’m going on second hand information, but I’ve been told that only the page background loads. This makes some sense if the page stops loading at the occurrence of that Javascript which is (by necessity) in the page header.

If Norton has a “trusted sites” setting I would imagine that adding Wizbang to that would allow page loads. Any Norton users want to try that?

Update 2: It turns out that the ad blocker in Norton Internet Security inserts it’s own code into the page, often breaking pages. Details here. The short answer is turn off the ad-blocking in Norton – the long answer is get a better firewall.

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