Bush Set To Sign Schiavo Bill

From The Baltimore Sun and Orlando Sentinel

WASHINGTON – Using emergency powers, congressional leaders set the stage Saturday for the House and Senate to pass legislation today aimed at restoring Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube.

Meanwhile, the White House announced late Saturday that President Bush will make return to Washington from his Crawford, Tex., ranch so that he can be available as Congress considers the case in a special Palm Sunday session.

“The president intends to sign legislation as quickly as possible once it is passed,” spokesman Scott McClellan said, emphasizing that time was critical.

The unprecedented congressional action, which involved a series of arcane legislative maneuvers, came hours after Mary Schindler pleaded with politicians to save the life of her severely brain damaged 41-year-old daughter.Republican leaders announced they had reached an agreement on a bill that would allow Schiavo’s case to be reviewed by federal courts and that could restore her feeding tube as early as Monday. The bill only applies to Schiavo’s case.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said of Terri’s case, “We should investigate every avenue before we take the life of a living human being, that’s the very least we can do for her.”

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