Where's Evan Maloney When You Need Him?

Well, it seems Kos and the Kosmonuts are having a little party. A yearly convention of all the little Kosmonuts. If there is one thing to be sure of, it will be moonbats on parade.

This seems like a job for a Evan Maloney over at Brain Terminal.

For those of you not familiar with Maloney’s work, he took a video camera to many of the anti-war protests and simply let the moonbats rant and rave on camera. You get to see, thru his lens, how carefully the mainstream media selects what they show on television to never show that the “peace” protests are really full of communist nut jobs. The best part is what Evan does NOT do. He doesn’t go out of his way to goad the moonbats into revealing how nutz most of them are, he simply offers them face time… They do the rest themselves. It’s one instant classic after another.

This is an obvious fit with the Kosmonut convention. They don’t have a location selected yet, but when they do, all the local right-wing bloggers should attend. (I may fly in for this one.) Bring a video camera and tape/record everything.

Kos himself suggested that left wingers crash security at the GOP convention for the sole purpose of disrupting it. Certainly he won’t mind a few right wingers armed with video cameras. Right? Right?

And unlike Kos, I don’t suggest you try to destroy what they are building. We’re better than that, we don’t need to disrupt them or harass them… Just document their actions…

A simple video tape of the events will be a veritable buffet of humiliation for the left. They’ll do our work for us.

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Postscript: If you can’t host the video, Wizbang will probably be able to do that for you. As soon as the Kosmonuts select a date and place, I’ll post it… 5 or 6 good bloggers could have a field day with this one. Any takers?

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