Taxing your ass for a leaky hole in the ground

For some time, I’ve been meaning to write about “The Big Dig” — the Boston Central Artery project. The problem is, summarizing it is next to impossible. You have to cite the $3 billion initial pricetag that’s almost reached $15 billion, the steady stream of politicians and their friends and family who have gotten cushy jobs in the process, the devastation to Boston as its heart is being torn up, and all the screwups in the building process that now has a former consultant (and one of the leading tunnnel engineers in the world) saying “he can no longer guarantee its safety.”

But now I don’t have to. Red, of Scared Monkeys, has done my legwork for me.

It’s hardly a comprehensive history of The Big Dig, but it’s a good start. A truly complete description of all the scandals, screwups, and other general misdeeds would take a book. A Tom Clancy or J. K. Rowling – sized book.

Nice work, Red.


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