"Just gimme another chance!"

A while ago, I mentioned a New Hampshire hunter who wanted his hunting license back, 12 years after he accidentally killed another hunter.

Today, another hunter-killer is seeking the reinstatement of his hunting privileges. Last year Steven Laro, while hunting on a private game reserve, took a shot at a boar. Instead he bagged his hunting companion, Robert Proulx.

I’m no fan of hunting, but I think I have a simple solution to this: if a hunter kills another hunter, he loses his hunting privileges for life. In exchange, he gets the other hunter’s head, mounted on a plaque, for his den so he’ll always be able to brag about the last trophy he bagged.

Simple, elegant, and a warning to other hunters. Could there be a better answer?


(Yes, inspired partly by Tom Lehrer’s “Hunting Song.”)

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