Iran Says U.S. 'Hallucinating' Over Nuclear Talks

The Iranian government appears to have learned the lessons of Baghdad Bob – Westerners love the crazy talk from their Middle Eastern spokesmen…

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Washington is “hallucinating” if it thinks Iran will scrap its nuclear fuel production plans in return for economic incentives, a senior Iranian official was quoted as saying Sunday.

The United States offered the encouragements in support of the European Union which is negotiating with Tehran to try to persuade it to give up sensitive nuclear activities.

“U.S. officials are either unaware of the substance of the talks or (they are) hallucinating,” Sirus Naseri, a senior member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team, told the official IRNA news agency.Far be it from me to point out, but perhaps it’s the Iranians who are hallucinating if they think Israel isn’t making plans to destroy their nuclear program, just like it did in Iraq.

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