Michelle Malkin: “Battered Wife” consumer?

Michelle Malkin should need no introduction to Wizbang readers. But I feel a close, personal relationship with her (based solely on a single question I once asked her on a radio call-in show), and I feel the need to make this public intervention on her behalf.

Michelle recently chimed in on the whole IKEA kerfuffle about them not showing women in their instruction manuals, apparently out of deference to Mideastern countries where women are suppressed. Michelle doesn’t give two figs about that; she’s more upset at their inscrutable assembly instructions, shipping damaged goods, inept delivery people, and general crappy customer service.

Let me get this straight, Michelle: you’ve repeatedly received damaged goods from them. You can’t understand the assembly instructions. In your own words, “their online customer service and delivery contractors suck.” And yet you’ve bought — by your own admission — at least five different items from them?

I know what it’s like to be a battered consumer. I’ve often caught myself re-frequenting businesses that have treated me shabbily in the past. I rationalize it to myself by saying “I probably deserved to be treated like that” or “I need to show I don’t hold grudges.” But it’s wrong. It’s just encouraging them to commit more abuse. It’s cooperating in your own exploitation and degradation.

You’re a strong woman, Michelle. You’re a good woman. You deserve to be treated better than that. Stop giving more of your money and support to a company that takes you for granted and walks all over you.

You can do it. You have the support of those of us who truly care about you (based on that one 30-second conversation six months ago). Just walk away from these cruel, abusive, exploiting swine and take your business elsewhere.

You do deserve better.


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