A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Today, I received in the mail a little present from my employer.

Apparently as a part of my health-care package, all of us have received a “good health calendar,” with each month highlighting a specific health concern.

Apparently “Healthy Weight” and “Heart” aren’t that important, because they were on January and February, which I promptly threw away.

March’s issue is “Smoking Awareness.” Perhaps I should start, just so I can quit…

Oh, what the hell. It’s a nice thought. I shouldn’t grouse. It beats a few years ago when all of us got big envelopes mailed to us marked “URGENT — OPEN IMMEDIATELY!” with the company’s name on them.

Inside were Advent-style calendars showing all the neat holiday stuff we should be pushing to customers.

I think they discontinued that idea when I pointed out that the envelope could be legally construed as a legal order to work, and therefore under Cow Hampshire law I could demand two hours’ pay for opening and reading it.


Uh, no Coke. Pepsi.
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