Paved With Good Intentions

Construction technology is constantly improving, with new materials and products appearing all the time. Most new compounds or products never make it out of the lab, but even those that do have to prove their worth in real world deployments. Superpave is no exception. I profess no knowledge of the the asphalt business – Superpave Asphalt Technology Program seems like a good starting point – but is seems from a look around that Superpave is a technology not a single product.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette reports that Superpave asphalt, touted as a new surface for the Pennsylvania Turnpike that would last 10 to 15 years, is crumbling in sections where it was applied only five years ago.

And what is it that’s causing the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s deployment of this superior asphalt technology to fail? Water and ice.

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