“Different” doesn’t mean better or worse…

There’s been a lot of squawking about the United States process of “rendition,” where we turn suspected terrorists over to their own governments for “interrogation.” Apparently some people don’t like the fact that those governments have looser restrictions on just how rigorously those people can be questioned, and have no compunctions. In fact, they even go so far as to say the United States is “subcontracting torture.”

I think this is incredibly insensitive of the liberals. First of all, by slamming the rendition policy, they’re slighting the legacy of President Clinton. I regularly slam his “accomplishments,” but he was the instigator of the rendition policy, and it’s been a rather successful thing.

Secondly, the left is constantly insisting that we must “celebrate” and “embrace” other cultures. After all, all cultures and traditions are equally valid. We must learn to work together, to accept other peoples’ ways.

We must not condemn other cultures simply because they are different. We should praise the government for finding ways to work together with these different cultures, these different nations, and work together to fight terrorism.

And if you don’t want to, go ahead and blame Bill Clinton. After all, he started this thing.


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