Clues for the clueless

Earlier, I heard yet another dumb criminal story on the radio. While I usually enjoy such things, I am getting a little tired of certain themes. So, both as a public service and to increase my own entertainment, I’d like to offer a bit of advice.

1) If you encounter a college-age woman who is eager to send you naked pictures of herself and talk dirty with you, she is most likely a guy. An extremely unattractive guy.

2) If you encounter an underage person online who is interested in having sex with an adult, the odds are extemely good that the “minor” is actually a police officer.

3) If you are looking to have someone murdered, it is practically a certainty that any “hit man” you meet will also be a police officer.

Pretty much all of the humor out of these events has been exhausted. Let’s just retire them already, and work on a whole new batch of dumb criminal tricks.

Let’s do it for the children.


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