The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

The case of “Monica” of the prestigious Milton Academy (discussed previously here and here) continues to get more and more twisted. The Boston Globe did a little investigating into her family’s background, and came up with a few interesting items:

1) Her older brother, when he was 15, had “sexual relations” with a 38-year-old male teacher. The teacher is currently serving time in prison for the incident.

2) Her father teaches at a private school. At a prior school, he was fired for fondling himself in front of female students. He was later tried for indecent exposure, but acquitted. Both his children attended the whole trial.

3) Nine months after that accusation, the father was accused of “improperly touching” a teenage girl at his current school. No charges were filed in that case, and he is still employed.

There is yet no word on a sexual scandal involving her mother, but I think it’s just gotta be a matter of time.

This story keeps getting sadder and sadder.


Update: Julie points out I forgot to include the link to the actual Boston Globe story. (Doh!) My thanks, Julie — the story is here.)

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