BTK Notes

Sorry for the disorganization of what follows – it’s just some interesting tidbits about the story of the suspect in the BTK serial killings, Dennis L. Rader. Two interesting pieces in The New York Times (registration required):

Computer Disk Led to Arrest in Killings

Suspect in 10 Kansas Murders Lived an Intensely Ordinary Life

I saw an old documentary about the case that is still running on CourtTV, where one of the guests noted that the BTK case was (as far as he could tell) the first case in the nation where DNA was used in an investigation. The documentary also noted that in the 1970’s before any of us had ever heard of caller ID, the phone company in used it to track a call from BTK to a TV station and deploy police to the location. The unit was at the phone booth within a matter of a few minutes, but by then BTK had left.

BTK’s daughter Kerri and her husband Darian were both bloggers. Kerri was the one who authorities obtained DNA from to match that They’ve been removing content as fast as possible, but the Google cache and the Internet Archive allow Rawson

Via Fark comes this strange post from Darian.

One of the people one hop away from the Darian’s site hasn’t figured out why the sudden spike in traffic.

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