Tonight on Fox: When Slogans attack!!!

It seems that every city and state wants its own slogan, and they’re usually something stupid. I remember a few years ago my state was pushing “Scenic New Hampshire.”

(Note: I’m talking about slogans, not mottoes. If some moron tries to take “Live Free Or Die” off MY license plate, it’ll be the last thing he sees when I run him down.)

The latest slogan from Taxachusetts, my lovely neighbor to the south, came about after they hired some consultants to come up with it. After about a quarter of a million dollars, as I recall, they came up with “Make It In Massachusetts.”

Lovely. All that money for a cheap innuendo.

But slogans, if not carefully crafted, have a tendency to be taken by others and re-crafted into things that bite you on your ass. And this one was no exception.

At least three or four times a day, I hear an ad on the radio that advises listeners to “make it in Massachusetts, but spend it in tax-free New Hampshire.”

Massachusetts’ current governor, Mitt Romney, is a rather straight-laced Mormon. Between the innuendo and the little twist my fellow Cow Hampshirites are putting on it, I strongly suspect that particular slogan will soon find itself, as they say, “on the ash-heap of history.”

And none too soon.


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