Military Signals Jam Garage Door Openers

If you live near a military base, all your garage door openers are belong to us… – Garage doors go haywire

If you live near Quantico Marine Corps Base or Fort A.P. Hill and have problems opening your garage door, don’t smack the remote or rush out to buy new batteries.

Military bases in the Washington area are switching to a new radio system that uses the same frequency as garage door openers, and that has caused some of the devices to malfunction.

That happened because garage door openers work on a radio frequency the Defense Department has owned since World War II, but hasn’t used much.

Since they use a low-powered signal, the remotes can operate legally on the military frequency. There’s just no guarantee the signal won’t be jammed when the military is using the same wavelength.That’s what’s happening now at dozens of bases around the country. More technical details here.

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