Daddy’s Girl

The father of “Monica” is speaking out now, as yet another incident is uncovered.

“She’s a super kid,” he says. “She is a good kid that has made a couple of mistakes.”

So, let’s sum up these “couple of mistakes” for those just joining us:

“Monica,” 15, is (or was) a new student at one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, which has a history as a “feeder” school for Harvard. And how did she try to fit in?

1) On Saturday, January 22, Monica met four boys in a dorm room. While a fifth stood watch, she serviced all four of them.

2) (latest revelation) On Sunday, January 23, she met three boys in the locker room and pleasured all three of them.

3) On Monday, January 24, in the incident that broke the story, she met five hockey players in the locker room and entertained all five of them within fifteen minutes, but were interrupted by two other students, who reported them.

4) At a “Sweet 16” birthday party at a Boston hotel, Monica and another girl were greeting guests at the door while topless. Later, she accomodated at least one boy in front of the other guests.

(I hope this is the last revelation. I’m running out of polite euphemisms for Lewinskys.)

And she’s fifteen years old. Fifteen. Years. Old. And attending a school that speaks of educating and training our country’s future leaders.

And her father, who’s just seen $32,500 go down the toilet, insists that she’s a “super girl” who “has made a couple of mistakes.”

God help our future.


Update: Reader Mark A. points out that the father quoted in the Boston Globe story, and reprinted above, was NOT “Monica’s” father. Rather, he was the father of the girl in whose honor the “Sweet Sixteen” party was being held. I do recall Monica’s father being quoted when the story first broke, saying words to the effect of “she’ll be fine” and other such sentiments, but I can’t seem to find a precise citation. My apologies to the confusion I caused, and my thanks to Mark A. for pointing out my error.

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