We’re Paying for Bad TV and Dammit We Want It!

Too fun not to fudge on my hiatus. If ever you find yourself lacking evidence that the state should not be involved in media…

BBC told to quit ratings war

The BBC must ditch its obsession with winning the TV ratings battle and focus on high-quality [sic] public service programming. Tough new rules will mean that instead of “copycat” entertainment and makeover series – designed to compete with commercial rivals – every one of the corporation’s television channels and radio stations must fulfil its obligation to screen more peak-time documentaries, original drama and comedy, current affairs and arts-related shows.

The proposals come in a Green Paper on the BBC’s future Royal Charter obligations. In effect, it will lay out a ” mission statement” for the corporation that is far more explicit than any BBC Royal Charter to date.

Sources close to Whitehall say the BBC will also be warned that it can no longer sidestep its public-service remit by “burying” high-quality [sic] programmes on specialist digital channels such as BBC4, showing them out of peak viewing hours or even by putting them on BBC2 rather than BBC1.

That’s right… No more burying the bad TV shows nobody wants to watch late at night… If we are going to tax the British people for bad television, we want it right out there where everyone can see it.

To hell with what viewers want to see, we have standards to maintain. We’re paying for bad TV and dammit we want it!

–Ya know, if the BCC would hire a few sound engineers who were not deaf, their shows might do better.

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