Wasted Youth

I’ve avoided writing about this topic for a couple weeks now, but the story keeps getting stranger and stranger, sadder and sadder.

But as Hunter S. Thompson often said, “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Milton Academy is an extremely exclusive and prestigious private school in Milton, Massachusetts, just south of Boston. Tuition runs $32,000/year for boarding students. It’s educated the powerful and famous for centuries.

But recently, Milton Academy had a little problem. It turns out that several of its students were misbehaving, and got caught. The students were disciplined, and the matter was closed.

Or so they thought. This is where it gets weird, lurid, and more than a little disturbing.

The initial reports were that a 15-year-old female student, fairly new to the school (as her name is not being revealed, we’ll call her “Monica” for reasons that will soon become apparent), was fond of several players on the hockey team. So fond of them was she that she met five of them in the locker room and orally serviced all five of them during a 15-minute period. Unfortunately, two more students walked in on this and reported it to authorities. The five hockey players (all ages 16 and 17) were summarily expelled, and Monica was placed on “administrative leave” and sent home to (blush) New Hampshire.

Everyone was all atwitter about this, but the story was seen as mostly over. After all, all six students were gone, unlikely to return. The only question was whether the local prosecutor was going to file statutory rape charges against the boys.

Then more stories arose. It seems that two days prior to the locker room party, Monica had sneaked into a boy’s dormitory room. There she serviced three of the same boys from the locker room incident, as well as a fourth, while a fifth stood watch. The school reopened the matter long enough to place that fourth boy — who is 15, like Monica — on “administrative leave” as well — again, like Monica.

And just as the dust settles from that revelation, here comes this story in this morning’s Boston Herald. It seems that two weeks after the locker room incident, the same five hockey players attended a “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party in a Boston hotel for a female student. The theme of the party (in a suite reserved paid for by a student’s parent) was obvious from the get-go; guests were greeted by two topless girls at the door, including Monica, and there was plenty of booze around. The phrase “drunken orgy” certainly seems to apply.

I… I don’t know what to add to this story. I find myself saddened, disgusted, envious, titillated, and deeply troubled by this whole account. It raises far more questions about education, morality, the law, parental responsibility, the state of society, academics and sports…

And I just don’t have the stomach to deal with it all. I’ll let you kick it around.


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