Getting plucked over by the state

Last July, I wrote about the ski resort town of Killington, Vermont, and their efforts to secede from the Green Mountain State and become part of Greater Cow Hampshire. Their efforts have continued since then.

Yesterday was Town Meeting Day in Vermont, one of the last bastions of pure democracy left in America. One ballot question they had was whether the town’s selectmen should continue their efforts to secede. It passed with almost 72% of the vote.

The proponents of this move aren’t really expecting to win. They mainly want relief from the state’s sales and property taxes. One Killington resident says his taxes have gone up 455% in ten years, from $2,200/year to $10,000/year. Rough estimates the town could save anywhere from $7 million to $12 million dollars a year.

The irony is, Killington was once part of New Hampshire. The town’s initial charter came from Concord, not Burlington, back before the Revolutionary War.

Vermont needs to wake up, and wake up soon. For years — nay, decades — they’ve been plucking this goose that lays the golden eggs. And this particular goose is tired of getting plucked over by the state.

As I’ve said repeatedly, and even the proponents acknowledge, the chances of this movement actually succeeding are virtually nonexistent. But maybe — just maybe — it’ll shame Vermont into treating the people of Killington a little more fairly.

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