When bad things happen to good songs

OK, time for another new contest!

A little while ago, really, really bad ideas for songs started percolating around the back of my brain. I figured I can’t be the only person this happens to, so I thought I’d toss it out and see just how vicious the readers of Wizbang can be.

The challenge: take one or more existing songs and propose new versions of them — the more wretched, the better. Bonus points will be awarded for total numbers of songs abused and amusing descriptions and/or anecdotes about them. And as is usual for my contests, the winners should be announced Thursday.

And also as is my usual, I will post a couple of my own ideas to get the ball rolling.

Christina Aguilera returns to her slutty ways with her remix of the classic song into the new anthem, “A Bisexual Built For Two.” It begins with, “Britney, Britney, gimme some booty, do.”

Adam Sandler hoped to unite two of the world’s greatest religions when he recorded “Ave Maria” to the tune of “Hava Nagilah.” Tragically, he succeeded when he was lynched by a mob of outraged Catholics and Jews.

Go wild, and see you Thursday.


Why Do They Hate Freedom?
I'd like "People In Trouble" for 1000 please Alex


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