Fear and loathing in Cow Hampshire

I haven’t written about this before now because it’s more of a story about Hunter S. Thompson’s words than about the man himself, but nonethess I hope at least a few people will find it amusing.

Back in early 1992, the presidential primary was in full bloom. One of the candidates (I want to say Bill Clinton) was having an event at the Manchester library, and I figured what the hell, I’ll attend.

One of the campaign officials there was a guy named Joe Grandmaison, who has been a Democratic operative since the late 60’s. I had just finished re-reading “Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail: 1972,” and Grandmaison had been described as (I think I have this right) a “fat young pol who ought to be stuffed in a barrel and sent out with the current in the East China Sea,” along with at least one more choice phrase. Being young and arrogant, I introduced myself, then asked his opinion of Thompson’s description.

His smile grew icy cold, and his handshake much firmer. “You know he apologized for that, right?” he told me, then moved quickly on.

If you know anything about Hunter S. Thompson, you should know that I don’t think he ever apologized for a single thing he ever wrote. But Grandmaison insisted that he had, just this once.

I think that marked the beginning of my disillusionment with New Hampshire’s Democratic party.

Rest in peace, Doctor. And may your afterlife be filled with whiskey and ether.

And all the ibogaine you can get your hands on.


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