Photoblogging – Since 1861

Stephen Green over at VodkaPundit has a post Photoblogging – Since 1914 about a collection of color photos from “The World’s War” as they called it back then. (WWI) From the response, many people were surprised they had color photos back then.

If that surprised people, this book might really shock them. It is a (stunning) collection of stereoscopic (3D) pictures from the CIVIL WAR. I was surprised when I first bought a copy, to see many images I had seen in other Civil War texts were really only half of a 3D image. If you’ve read other Civil War texts, you’ll probably recognize some of the images.

Just having photos from the Civil War gives you a closer connection to its history than say the revolution, but the 3D images really give a new view on the war. (no pun intended) I looked for a similar collection on the net, knowing I could not really find it. — You need a 3D viewer like the one that comes with the book.

We all have a tendency to believe that 2 years before we were born they were writing on clay tablets, but some technology has been around a while.

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