Not Even Mike Wallace or Walter Cronkite Watch Dan Blather

Drudge has up some pre-release snippets from a New Yorker story on Dan Rather. By and large it is the same drivel. Dan Rather is still a legend in his own mind and as clueless as ever. I was about to skip reading the rest when I hit this tidbit:

Perhaps surprisingly, a number of Rather’s CBS colleagues conceded that they do not watch Rather’s newscast. Mike Wallace says, “Rather is a superb reporter, and dead honest. But he’s not as easy to watch as Jennings or Brokaw.” Walter Cronkite says that he often watched Brokaw and that it seemed that viewers felt “that Dan was playing a role of newsman, that he was conscious of this, whereas the other two appeared to be more the third-party reporter.”

That is just freaking priceless.

And if, by chance, you needed more evidence of the self-delusion at CBS:

Don Hewitt, who favors Jennings, puts it this way: “The ‘Evening News’ is like Miss America, only it’s Mr. America. If you’re in a three-network race and you come in third, then the public is against you.” Rather says that many years of cutbacks at CBS News produced changes that Edward R. Murrow “wouldn’t feel good about. And neither do I.” Over all, though, he says, “I have tried to speak truth to power.” In the end, he adds, “I believe in the dream, the magical mystical kingdom of CBS News. It may exist only in our minds, but that makes it no less real.”

Here’s a note Mr. Hewitt… If something only exists in your mind, it is called a hallucination.

[Kevin adds] – Drudge’s content is from a press release from The New Yorker.

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