He did it all for the Nookie

The T-Mobile Terrorist strikes again?

This morning the internets were atwitter with news that Limp Bizkit lead singer Fred Durst’s T-Mobile Sidekick was hacked and that a homemade porn video of Durst and his model girlfriend Masha Novoselova was making the rounds on the internet. Just last week Paris Hilton’s T-Mobile Sidekick was hacked and splashed across the internet.

CNet reports that the the video in question had nothing to do with T-Mobile, rather it had been stolen from from Durst’s PC and the thief was attempting to negotiate with Durst’s representatives to buy back the video. Since the Sidekick is incapable of capturing video this explanation make more sense. Security Focus has the backstory on the T-Mobile hacking story, which is a much larger story than just the Paris Hilton hack (which may not even be related).

As to the video… Well you’re going to long to get those horrifying three minutes of your life back. Given the alleged promiscuity of Fred Durst you may also wonder… Rubber Bizkit?

Other Reactions

Defamer – “If we could, we’d uninvent the internet if it would put this particular genie back in the proverbial genie container.”


Gawker – “…[O]ur inner porn critic would have to say that this video is completely and utterly disheartening – watching over two minutes of Fred Durst’s unimpressive penis does little for our already fragile psyches. If you’re feeling masochistic, hate life, and have given up on God, you’re welcome to watch for yourself.” [They’re also hosting the video]

The Semi-Regular – “Sidekick wants to punish us by putting Fred’s grainy “Oh face” on display.

If you simply must see the Fred Durst sex tape (not advisable) you can get it here. [obviously NSFW]

Update: Durst tells MTV that a computer repair person stole the video off of his PC and that he doesn’t use T-Mobile. Coincidentally there’s a new album coming out soon…

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